Will your business provide the value you need when you decide to sell?

Have you created a business that can thrive with or without your active involvement?

Is your financial future dependent on the sale of your business at some time in the future?

Have you created a well-paying job for yourself… or are you building real value that someday you can sell and leave…. on your terms?

These are fundamental questions every business owner should regularly ask themselves…well before entertaining any offers of interest.

Here’s a startling statistic. Of all businesses listed for sale each year less than 30% will sell! * This sad fact means that a lot of hard-working business owners will not realize the lifestyle or retirement of their dreams. Each year hundreds of millions of dollars in potential value are forever lost.

Our mission is to assist business owners in realizing the potential wealth creation their business offers. We do this by promoting efforts that not only build profitable businesses, but build valuable businesses.

If your dream is to one day successfully sell or transfer ownership of your business…when you want, to whom you want, and at the highest possible price, we have a plan for you. Creating a business now that will attract serious and qualified buyers will give you the financial freedom you desire when the time is right for you.

Financial freedom provides the ultimate entrepreneurial prize – OPTIONS – the opportunity to set your own course and follow your dreams.

Planning now….well before you’re ready to leave puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you the control to shape your destiny and legacy.

For many business owners the bulk of their personal net worth is significantly tied to the value of their business. Whether you are a seasoned business owner contemplating retirement, or a young entrepreneur building a business, planning for the eventual sale of your business may be critical to your financial future.

Do you really know the sale readiness of your business? Have you built a money machine that can thrive without you, and that will Wow! prospective buyers?

As intermediaries in the sale of middle-market companies we have worked with hundreds of business owners, strategic buyers, private equity groups, and financial buyers since 1998. We understand what drives their choice of one business over another, and why some businesses drive higher buyer interest and higher valuations. This unique knowledge can benefit you immensely if you take the opportunity to act now, well before you think you’re ready to sell.

Transferring ownership in your business can be one of the most significant emotional and financial events in your life. You may only have one opportunity to get it right. Don’t leave it to chance. Begin planning now.

The business you desire may be closer than you think. All you need is the right process and the right guide.

Get started now by taking the first step, a 13-minute sale readiness assessment. It is a confidential online tool that assesses the “sale readiness” of your business today. Whether you want to sell soon, or just want to know if you’re building a valuable asset for the future.

*International Business Brokers Association 2008